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Our Story

At Natura, we put People first. Through Faith and a constant Learning attitude, we take on complete Ownership of every project we create, and it shows in the Quality of our work. Our mission of creating environments where people thrive is always our number one priority. We are the leaders in enhancing built environments.

Natura is an interior horticultural design, installation and maintenance firm servicing all major markets in Texas.  We care for PLANTS & PEOPLE within the built environment.  Our purpose and passion is to create environments where PEOPLE THRIVE—and we do this by designing innovative ways to reconnect people with nature.  We incorporate live plants, greenwall systems and holiday decor packages in the spaces where we live, work, learn and play.

We humans have a biophilic drive—an innate affinity and desire to connect with nature, both indoors and out.  This instinctive attachment we posses for the living world is an increasingly fundamental consideration when designing and developing workspaces with a purpose for performance.  By creating healthy and productive habitats that engage our occupants at an innate level we can energize and enable people to thrive in our urban environments.

Adding live interior plants to your space not only reflects the aesthetic benefits of the outside world but also raises morale, contributes to long term employee retention, and makes everyone more comfortable, more creative, more productive—and even healthier.

Our Roots.

Plant Interscapes was founded in 1983 by Mike and Karin Senneff. Originally from California, they realized the tremendous potential for a responsive interior horticultural firm to capitalize on Texas’ fast expanding economy. Realizing how far Plant Interscapes had grown from its original purpose of “Creating Beautiful Environments with Indoor Foliage”, owners and leaders re-defined the image of the organization to better align its external image to current and expanding capacities.  At the 35th year in business, Plant Interscapes is now Natura.

Plant Interscapes’ original purpose was to uniquely specialize in commercial interior landscape services. That horticultural specialization continues three decades later. We’ve developed Seasonscapes, our holiday decorating division. Our recognized expertise in the horticultural and seasonal decorating niches has allowed us to grow rapidly and expand throughout the state of Texas with regional offices in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi & the Rio Grande Valley. We rank among the top-ten largest interior landscape firms in the United States.

We are capable in performing at all levels for any size project. Whether it is individual containerized plants or a complete atrium installation, we’ve proven our abilities. We are responsible for plant care and turnkey holiday displays at varied locations throughout Texas including corporate campuses, malls & retail centers, hotels, multi-tenant office buildings and private facilities.

Natura is one of the fastest growing, well-respected companies in the interior horticultural and seasonal décor industries. We truly have the most talented senior management team and staff of horticultural experts of any organization within our industry.  Our team is ready to serve, and partner with other visionary organizations to collaborate and create truly extraordinary interior landscape projects and seasonal displays that differentiate your property and inspire your tenants and guests.

Vision & Mission

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