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Outdoor Plants

Elevate the exterior look of your place of business

It’s more than just curb appeal

Welcome your guests, tenants and customers with an impressive array of colorful, seasonal plants before they even walk through the door. Live containerized plants create a welcoming and inviting patioscape that – when strategically designed and installed – can be used to lower noise levels, reduce crime, and save on traditional landscaping costs. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. At Natura, we take the hassle out of live plants. We select, deliver, install, and maintain your outdoor plants for you. Talk about an easy button!


The benefits of outdoor plants

First impressions are everything. Adding outdoor live plants to your place of business is a smart choice for many reasons.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Welcoming Exterior Aesthetic

Reduce Noise Levels

Better Air Quality and Humidity

Reduce Anxiety, Depression and Stress

Crime and Vandalism Deterrant


A better way to landscape

Unlike traditional landscaping, you’ll never get bored with your exterior plants. With Natura, our team will rotate your containerized plants, so your space will always have a fresh, seasonal look. Whatever your space or budget, we can help transform the aesthetic of any place of business. Our team of designers and trained technicians ensure your plants are strategically selected, installed, and properly maintained. See how we are helping thousands of urban environments and commercial patios go from average to awe-inspiring.

We make it easy for you


1. Connect with us

Schedule a simple consultation with our designers and planners to share your goals and budget.


2. Delivery & Setup

Watch your space transform! Our team will deliver and install your live plants according to plan.

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3. Professional Care

Don’t worry about watering and maintaining your plants. Our trained technicians will take care of them for you.


4. Our Guarantee

Rest easy knowing your investment is covered. Any plant under our care is guaranteed or we’ll replace it.