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Goodbye Messy Soil.
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What is Natura-PONTM?

Natura-PONTM is a blend of natural minerals selected for their water holding capability, and ability to provide plant nutrients. The coarse texture provides exceptional aeration to the root system insuring optimum plant health.

This relatively lightweight substrate has an outstanding water storage capacity, over 40% by volume. It provides optimal air pore volume of more than 35% by volume. It also has a high nutrient storage capacity.

During the watering, the substrate absorbs all the water, and no water remains in the pot. The roots slowly absorb the moisture from the substrate. This ensures a good moisture balance and exceptional root aeration which benefits plant health and growth.


How Does Natura-PONTM Benefit you?

Plants grow better in Natura-PONTM

It supplies steady moisture and oxygen to plant roots. It has a consistent moisture holding capacity rather than soil from different growers. The result – better plant quality.

Fewer watering visits

With the high-water storage capacity of the substrate, there are fewer watering visits required. This allows for extended horticultural service cycles. The plant takes up water at the rate that it needs.

Reduced risk of root rot

By eliminating soil-born organic microbes there is less risk of root rot. Natura-PONTM doesn’t become waterlogged like soil when over-watered. It provides more aeration which aids healthy root growth.

Reduction in fungus gnats

One main reason for converting to semi-hydro is to reduce fungus gnats. The surface of the substrate is dry and inert which breaks the life cycle of fungus gnat larvae.

It is attractive

As the stones themselves are attractive, Natura-PONTM can eliminate the need for additional decorative top dressing. However, if desired these can easily be placed on top to change the aesthetics of the display.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Natura-PON?

Natura-PONTM is a blend of natural minerals selected for their water holding capability, and ability to provide plant nutrients. The coarse texture provides exceptional aeration to the root system insuring optimum plant health.

Is Natura-PON expensive?

As an imported mineral substrate, the landed costs to the USA are moderate. However, installed costs are similar to those of a typical sub-irrigation system. The financial returns are seen in tremendous plant health, fewer plant replacements, and extended watering cycles.

How often are the plants watered?

Because of its high-water holding capability, most plants are watered on a 4-week cycle. Smaller plants may require more frequent watering or a wellness check. The horticulturist generally spends more time on-site servicing due to the increased amount of water provided to each container for the watering cycle.

How heavy is Natura-PON?

The bulk density is about 40% heavier than traditional potting soils. Per cubic foot, it weighs approximately 46 lbs., and up to 50 lbs. when fully saturated.

If Natura-PON is a soilless media, how do plants grow?

The requirements of a planting media are to provide plant support, water holding capacity, root aeration, and nutrients. Natura-PONTM outperforms in every category. The substrate holds the roots firmly providing up to 40% moisture by weight, the granular pebbles provide excellent aeration throughout the entire root system and the unique blend of minerals provide a significantly high cation exchange capacity, a requirement for nutrient provision to the roots.

Is Natura-PON messy?

No, it’s an extremely clean planting substrate free of insects, organic material, contamination, or pollutants.

How do you plant in Natura-PON?

We remove the grow pot from the root ball and direct plant with Natura-PONTM in a waterproof decorative container. The depth of the substrate under the root ball depends on the plant and container, but about 2” to 4” for small plants and up to 6” to 12” for larger plants. It depends on the container height relative to the root ball. Water is absorbed and drawn upwards through the substrate by capillary action.

How do you plant in tall containers beyond the reach of capillary action?

With tall containers, we create a false bottom and use a plant liner to lift the Natura-PONTM and the plant.

Can you use underplanting with Natura-PON?

We have many large trees and palms in Natura-PONTM with underplanting of smaller varieties.  In these instances, each plant is watered to establish the capillary action, then occasional spot watering of the underplanting is provided. In some cases, a below surface reservoir is created to capture water closer to the root system of the underplanting.  

How do you know when to water?

We probe the root ball to determine moisture content and the need to provide additional water.

Are water level indicators used with Natura-PON?

No, it’s not necessary. The water indicator doesn't tell you when to water, it can help ensure you don't over water. Water level indicators may be used in large planters to be sure there is no standing water at the bottom.

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