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Natura Services

Enhance your commercial space with the benefits of live plants

Take the guess work out of live plants

Personalized Design & Plant Selection

No Hassle Set-Up & Maintenance

Worry-Free Replacement Guarantee

At Natura, we believe your working environment deserves to come alive!

We take the guesswork out of selecting, installing and maintaining live plants, so you can create an inspiring and welcoming environment for your employees, clients and guests. Whether you’re a business or a public space, we will help you improve and enhance the look and feel of your office, hotel lobby, retail center, or commercial building.


Indoor plants

Take your space from meh to magnificent. Live indoor plants improve the look, feel and vitality of your place of business.

    • Increased Productivity
    • Improved Well-Being
    • Decreased Energy Costs
    • Enhanced Air Quality

Outdoor plants

Enhance your curb appeal. Welcome your guests, tenants and customers with an impressive array of colorful, seasonal plants.

    • Enhanced Curb Appeal
    • Hassle-Free Maintenance
    • Welcoming Exterior Aesthetic
    • Turnkey Systems

Green wall systems

Make a statement with a unique, modern and space-saving moss or live greenwall system. We have taken plants up-the-walls to bring the benefits of nature to your indoor or outdoor environment without giving up valuable floor space.

    • Space-Saving Design
    • Impressive Statement Piece
    • Cost-Effective Alternative
    • Enhanced Environment

Holiday decor

Get your employees, customers, and guests into the holiday spirit. Be that place they’ll always remember with spectacular Christmas décor.
    • Custom and Full-Service Design Options
    • All-Inclusive and Convenient Installation Service
    • Complete Disassembly and Off-Site Storage
    • Budget-Friendly and Pre-Designed Packages