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Frequently Asked Questions

Future Customers: Questions? We have answers.
Check out the most commonly asked questions from new customers.

General Questions

What products and services does Natura provide?

As well as supplying and maintaining interior/exterior plants, we also offer holiday decorations, moss and green living walls, replica plants, as well as event rentals.

Take a look at our portfolio for some inspiration

What kind of service does Natura deliver?

Natura is a family owned and operated organization that is the leading interior horticultural design firm serving all major markets in Texas.

Simply stated, We care for PLANTS & PEOPLE.

Our passion is to create environments where PEOPLE THRIVE— by designing innovative ways to connect people with nature.  We incorporate live plants in the spaces where we live, work, learn and play.

Our Brand Position: We are the Leaders in Enhancing the Built Environment.

What does my service include?

When you invest in our service, a trained plant technician will visit your location on a regular basis to water, fertilize, clean, dust, trim, and rotate your plants as needed. We will treat plants for diseases and insects if they appear, and apply preventative treatment at various times of the year. As needed, we also will clean your plants’ containers.

Your location will also receive regular scheduled service reviews by a supervisor or manager. Remember when comparing plant services that not all services are the same. Some companies offer plant-watering services. These services can leave you with leggy, undernourished plants.  We focus on the total health and appearance of your plants.

Our technicians are all uniformed and we require that they get a signature when they visit your premises.

With our service you will get our interior plant guarantee. Our guarantee states that if any plant should decline in appearance or become unhealthy due to our neglect, we will replace it at no additional cost.

What is covered under the plant guarantee?

If any interior plant under our watch should decline in appearance or become unhealthy due to natural causes etc, we will replace replace at no additional charge.

If you are a current client, the situations which are not covered by our guarantee are listed in your contract. Some common instances in which we will not provide a guaranteed replacement: denied access to the plants, theft and vandalism, fire or floods, insufficient heating or cooling, and dumping coffee or mop water in the plants. If you are considering our service, our sales representative can explain more to you.

In most cases, we replace plants with no questions asked. (Exterior plants will not be cover under our plant guaranteed)

How often will my technician visit my premises?

The majority of our clients receive bi -weekly visits by a trained service technician at roughly the same time each week. However, in some markets some clients receive weekly visits. This is due to several factors, including your plant variety. We maintain the same high standards for the appearance of our plants regardless of the frequency of our visits.


See What do I do if my technician misses a visit? for more information.

Are the plants mine to keep or are they leased?

Your agreement will state whether your plant or container were purchased or leased. In the event you purchased them, you own all materials and they’re yours to keep. If you selected the lease option. Plant Interscapes retains the rights of ownership of all plant and container materials unless other terms were negotiated.

For more information see Lease or Purchase

I would like to meet with Natura's design team to discuss landscape opportunities for my organization. How do I get started?

To get started, connect with us or call our Client Ambassador at 1-888-284-2257 x101 and they will be able to direct you to a designer in your area to determine your needs.

Sales Questions

Do you have pictures of your plants?

Yes. We have put pictures of our most popular plants online. Click here to see them.

Why aren't the prices of your plants online?

The reason is very simple. Our products and services are custom to you. If it’s live planting you require then the price depends on the container you choose, the color and finish, the plant, the service frequency. Our design consultants will work with you to ensure you are happy with both design and costs.

If you are considering purchasing plants, please feel free to give us a call or contact us… We will be happy to discuss what plants would fit your budget and we will get a proposal to you.

What do you charge for your service?

Our minimum service charge is only $100.

How do I order a new plant?

Ordering plants from us is simple.  Fill out form here and we will arrange to send a member of our Design Team to your location. We can then recommend the right plant for the desired location. If you need plant maintenance, we can arrange that too.

Our Design Team will return to our office and send you a proposal which includes all prices, and any additional labor which may be required. Sign and send back the proposal to approve it. That simple.

Can I buy flowers or pointsettias?

Yes. You can buy potted flowers through us for special events, employee gifts, or simply to brighten up your office. We also have several flower-rotation and bromeliad rotation programs available.

For the holiday season, we offer poinsettias delivered to your location. If you are on our service, your technician will care for your poinsettias and they are all guaranteed until Christmas.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards. At your request, we can charge your account automatically for plant service on a monthly basis.

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