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Creating Environments Where People Thrive

Providing plants to offices, hotels & business spaces

Increase well-being

Live indoor plants can decrease employee stress levels while raising productivity for a healthier and improved workplace.

Engage people

Well-designed spaces incorporating nature create an inviting and welcoming space for customers, tenants and guests.

Improve recruitment

Quality workplace design is an overwhelming deciding factor for most jobseekers impacting the ability to attract and retain top talent.

Say goodbye to boring

Your place of business doesn’t have to be uninviting and uninspiring. We can help you create an impressive space for your employees, tenants and customers with live plants: designed, delivered, cared for, and guaranteed for LIFE! We help you leverage the power of plants to improve the look and feel of your environment. Hassle-free.


All spaces deserve live plants

When we incorporate live plants within the places we live, work and play we begin to see dramatically different results in human behavior, morale, engagement, and well being.



Take your space from
average to awe-inspring

At Natura we know you want your space to be inviting, healthy and inspiring. The answer? Fresh, colorful, living plants!

But hey—we hear you. Live plants are tricky. And they take time and energy to maintain. While you know your commercial space needs improvement, we get that not everyone has a green thumb. Live Plants can be a real pain to take care of. You either water them too much, or not enough. And they’re difficult to select and even more difficult to keep alive.

That’s where Natura comes in! We believe every environment deserves plants. That’s why we offer all-inclusive plant programs: We design, install, and maintain your plants. And better yet—we guarantee them for LIFE! Talk about an easy button!

We help over 5000 commercial spaces thrive with living plants.


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We work with clients in a variety of industries including Private Offices, Multi-Tenant Properties, Hospitality, Financial Institutions, Mall Retail Centers and Architecture Firms.


our clients—

tell us…

"I wanted you guys to know I appreciate how responsive and professional you all are. You are seriously one of the best vendors/companies I’ve worked with, and I’m so happy we chose to partner with Natura.."



We make it EASY to transform your space with live plants

here’s how we do it:



Meet with our team of expert designers and planners to choose the right options to fit your space, needs and budget.




Get a unique layout and care program tailored for your space. We include delivery, installation, and maintenance.




Bring your space to life and live with the benefits of live plants without the headache of having to maintain them.


Don’t settle for boring and average, instead— bring your environment to life with live plants!

To get started, connect with us!

Here’s a checklist for stakeholders in the hotel industry seeking a WELL certification.

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Office plants return BIG on your investment

You can’t afford to not have plants.
Calculate the ROI at your facility